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10.12.2007 Vision Voyage — Seychelles

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There was a time when the Sun orbited the Earth, and the map of the world had great gaping gaps in it. Nature hadn’t yet lost its virginal purity, an enormous orange sun shone over the Garden of Eden, and the first lovers were innocent and happy on paradisiacal islands. There is a place on earth where almost nothing has changed since then. To this very day it remains the best place in the world for a romantic vacation. Shady beaches under palm trees, majestic cliffs, a crystal clear sea, flaming sunsets of unearthly colors, no seasons of the year, and, like in the Garden of Eden, a velvety summer reigns the year round - that’s Saint Anne Island, washed by the waters of the mysterious Indian Ocean.

It was there that a hundred intrepid Vision voyagers docked early in the morning of December 11, 2007. For five fabulous days in the middle of December 2007, Saint Anne Island in the Seychelles Archipelago turned into the Island of Vision. For the first time since the “conquest of Mars,” President of the Island Dmitry Buriak spoke to his great nation at the very first congress of settlers. He delivered a short, but persuasive inauguration speech in which he solemnly swore to do everything possible so that the people of the blessed island entrusted to him would Be Big, Be Strong, Be Wise, Be Smart, and Be Healthy and so that everything his nation would Be Chocolate. In return, the multinational people of the blessed Island of Vision promised to be an inexhaustible source of joy and a positive attitude to life both for their President and for each other.

The Saint Anne island-hotel has earned a fine reputation among those who know how to spend money tastefully. Five stars - the symbol of comfort and quality - shine over it day and night. The waves of the gentle Indian Ocean play all around it. This is a five-star hotel in the midst of the seven-star nature of the Marine National Park. Anything at all that the restless soul of a voyager might wish for was at the disposal of the participants of the Vision Voyage devoted to the birthday of the President of the Company. For five days the Island of Vision lived in the style of Vision: Vision passports were issued, a governor of the Island was appointed, and the Constitution of the multinational people of the United States of Vision was adopted. The Seychelles evenings left an indelible mark in everyone’s heart: an evening in pirate style, a Creole evening in Vision style, an evening in white (the evening devoted to the birthday of the President of the Company), fishing, culinary duels… The trailblazers left not a stone unrenamed on the map. The pier to which their shuttles moored at the first rays of the sun became the Pier of 1996, and Presidential Vista rises sharply to Sales Peak. The short but heavily populated streets ulica Polska, Magyar utca, Lietuvos gatvė, Latviešu iela, Uzbek kuchasi, Kazaksha kθshesi, Azerbaidjan kucesi, vulytsya Ukrainska, Russkaya ulitsa, and others lead to the turquoise mirror-like surface of the ocean. The Indian Ocean itself was given the name “Millenium.”

Dmitry Buriak: “Have you ever wondered why seas and lands are named after great voyagers and why their profiles are stamped on gold coins? It’s because, leaving their familiar way of life and setting out on a voyage with a team of faithful like-minded people, they enter upon a path of discoveries. Every day, through everything they do, they discover something new within themselves. They discover new lands for people and the limitless opportunities open to a person who is true to his idea. Their path lies from a dream to its embodiment. From a new dream to a new accomplishment. Sometimes it seems that the Creator allotted them not one, but four lives in which to perform great deeds. And they don’t waste a single second of those four lives on trivia.
People like that interest me a lot. And I believe that it is people like them that I collected as my team on the Island of Vision.”

“I often and honestly say that you are my family. And for me the most valuable day is a day I spend among you. The greatest treasure for me is the time and the place at which I can gather with successful people. The more of them there are, the happier I am.”




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