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Manufacturing of the Vision Products

Manufacturing of the Vision Products

Vision maintains total control and supervision over the process of creation of its products—from developing formulas and searching for ingredients to the manufacturing process, packaging, storage and delivery of the end products.

All Vision products are manufactured only at the Company’s own plants that comply with the strictest QC requirements, like location in the ecologically safe area, well-qualified employees, as well as the certification of the plant as per the exact list of standards. One of the main requirements to the manufacture is obtaining the GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice). GMP certificate includes the set of standards and regulations for manufacturing pharmaceutical products and some types of food. GMP standards allow to provide for the correspondence of the product quality to the given parameters.

GMP certificate confirms that the products have been manufactured in strict compliance with the announced formula; in conditions, excluding permeation of extraneous substances inside the products; and packaged as required, which guarantees that all the products’ properties shall be preserved within the shelf-life. The standards account for the slightest details, like materials and equipment, and type of overall, used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process and even the humidity level at the plant.

That’s why GMP is a guarantee of high quality and safety of the manufactured products. All plants which manufacture Vision products have been GMP certified, without exception. Apart from that, these plants have obtained many other essential certificates, as an additional proof of the ultimate quality of the goods produced.

Vision DEM4 Laboratory

The unique scientific research laboratory Vision DEM4 (Direct Effect Management) has been created with the specific purpose of total control over the manufacturing process of the Company.

The headquarters of the laboratory are located in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, and its research facilities are spread around many countries of the world. Dozens of specialists from different companies and institutions are involved in the work of laboratory in real time. They all have access to the common IT domain designed to store, process and constantly “grow” new knowledge. In this respect the Laboratory may really be called virtual.

Another equally important part of work performed by the specialists of the Vision DEM4 laboratory is regular monitoring of the latest scientific innovations and discoveries in nutriceuticals and related spheres. This allows to catch most advanced trends “on the rise” and take them into account when developing formulas of new Vision products as well as optimizing already existing ones.

With its extensive scientific resources, Vision DEM4 laboratory has chosen 75 best ecologically clean areas around the globe to establish, most favourable for the cultivation of plants that further become components of the Vision food supplements.

However, that’s not the end of it. Vision DEM4 Laboratory continues monitoring ecologically safe areas. Specialists take into account such characteristics as the rarefaction of the mountain air, height of the growth point above the sea level, average temperature, humidity, ultraviolet radiation, geographical orientation, and wind rose. These data serve as the basis for choosing the safest areas for growing the most effective and high-quality raw materials.


This state-of-the-art factory is located in Ireland, one of the world’s ecologically purest regions. It was established 14 years ago together by Vision and Arkopharma, one of Europe’s major pharmaceutical company. At Nutripharma, biologically active food supplements are produced by means of a unique technology, known as cryo-grinding. It consists in grinding plant components in an inert nitrogen environment under a temperature of -196° C, which allows to preserve the life-giving power of herbs. Manufacturing process at this plant, as well as its end products (from the floor in production sections and the amount of microorganisms per 1 m3 of air to the employees’ overalls and marking of the products’ packaging)—are absolutely flawless and fully comply with the GMP standard.

Švenčionių Vaistažolės

All Vision herbal teas and some other products are manufactured by the Lithuanian company Švencioniu Vaistažoles, established in the 19th century. For over 125 years this factory has been specializing in production of herbal teas. Currently all production facilities of the factory have been renovated, and its research laboratory allows developing truly unique product formulas. The factory is located in the town Švencioniu, 80 km from Vilnius, in the picturesque, ecologically safe national park Aukštaitija, often referred to as the «Lithuanian Switzerland». Products of Švencioniu Vaistažoles have been awarded the prestigious European Golden Prize for Quality. The factory also holds the PE Ekoagros environmental certificate, as well as the HACCP and GMP certificates for food products’ safety and quality.

Clinical Trials

Before being released to the consumer market, Vision products pass all the compulsory stages of state registration. Apart from that, the Company voluntarily undertakes extra efforts to ensure complete safety and efficiency of its products. For this purpose, it holds clinical studies at leading industry institutes, laboratories and clinics. In particular, the majority of the Vision food supplements have been clinically tested at the Scientific Research Nutrition Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences; N. N. Blokhin Cancer Research Center of RAMS; Moscow Region Scientific-Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology; St. Petersburg Lesgaft State Academy of the Physical Culture. Similar work is being done together with the Public Health Control Agency of the Lithuanian Ministry of Health and the Lithuanian University of Medical Sciences.

In 2012 after the voluntary supplementary certification the Classic Hit line has acquired the certificates “Brand of the year”.